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An interview with Rachael Coopes could have taken place on stage, in front of a television camera, on a movie set or in front of a writer’s keyboard. All these things have been part of the fecund and successful creative and professional life she leads. Befttingly, though, it took place sitting cross-legged on yoga mats and that seems just about right because, as you will see, for Coopes the yoga mat is where everything comes together.

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Mini MeditationS:

mindful finger tapping

ABC Radio Classic Flow: Guest presenter Rachael Coopes guides you through a simple mindfulness technique designed to act as a circuit breaker in moments of anxiety or stress. Featuring Australian composer Carl Vine’s String Quartet No. 12.

three conscious breaths

ABC Radio Classic Flow: Guest presenter Rachael Coopes leads you through a short breathing exercise drawing on the Dalai Llama's theory about meditation. Set to the beautiful music of Hildegard von Bingen.

mini nidra

ABC Radio Classic Flow: Guest presenter Rachael guides you through a mini version of the practice yoga nidra, bringing about a state of deep relaxation. Featuring the music of Australian pianist and composer Sally Whitwell.